Reclaim Your Health, Reclaim Your Self
8-Week Program for Women

Dear Beautiful Women,

We know you are busy and have a really full life.  We also suspect, that like a lot of women we know, you might be struggling with overwhelm, fatigue, hormonal and digestive issues.  It is challenging to find enough time to take care of ourselves while taking care of everyone and everything around us. We get it!

We want to help you feel great again!  This program is designed for busy women like yourself to start thriving again through learning the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda in a supportive setting of dynamic women.  We are inviting you to join our 8-week program and return to your vibrant, inspired self.

Let us tell you an inspirational story...


Robin came to us feeling tired, not sleeping well, feeling disconnected from what she was here for and wanting to feel passionate again.

She came to us ready to make a change and needing that extra support.

First we had to get to the underlying root cause of her patterns of staying up late and focusing on the needs of everyone else instead of moving forward with her own dreams.

What she discovered surprised her.

She uncovered that she was taking care of everyone else for fear of not being valued or needed.

This was an ah-ha moment.

Not taking care of herself was rooted in old feelings of not being valuable and worthy.

In Robin’s case, after identifying the root of her struggle, we worked together to help her remember the truth about herself and come back to that place of self-love. In this place she could see her worth and distinguish it from her story and old, disempowering recordings.

Through the Ayurvedic practice of creating her evening routine in alignment with nature and applying specific self-care practices, she was sleeping soundly that very night!  

Through beginning to distinguish the emotional road blocks and taking guided actions, she experienced immediate results that inspired her to keep moving forward on her path.

Setting herself up in the evening to get sound, restful sleep shifted everything!  

She was waking refreshed and inspired to follow through with the morning routine we created together.  

It was like a cloud had lifted. She felt connected in her body and empowered in her life.  

She made some courageous moves to start moving toward her passions and she let her husband and kids know she would not be available on a whim.

She was back in the driver’s seat of her life.

This is what we call Freedom!

And guess what, everyone benefitted!  Sometimes we think prioritizing our self and our needs is “selfish.”  But, the truth is, when we are thriving, so is everyone around us.

What results do you want to create in your life and body?

What would it feel like to have magnetic energy, drawing your ideal life toward you - now?!

I’m Ready to Feel Good! Let’s Get Started.
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Are you tired of not getting restful sleep, feeling like you are constantly on the go and barely having enough energy to get through the day?

Remember how it felt to wake up energized and excited for the day ahead?  

It’s actually possible to feel this way again, regardless of your age or history.  

The time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda has taught us, in our own lives, how to return to a balanced state of well-being, again and again.  

In our professional practices, we have successfully supported hundreds of women over the past 20 years to reclaim their energy and passion in a sustainable way.

What we have to share with you here, in our 8-week program, is what we feel all women, everywhere ought to know.  

It is time to stop struggling to figure out the right approach to solving your digestive, sleep and energy challenges.

Ayurveda has the answers!  Our clients say things like: “I wish I would have learned these techniques in my early 20’s!”, and, “I can’t imagine my life now without these practices you taught me.”  

It’s not too late. Truly, we feel it is our birthright to feel energized, passionate, worthy and vital.  

There is no reason we should settle for anything less.  

You are here to contribute your gifts to the world in a way that feels balanced and fulfilling.

Your body is your vehicle to getting there.

We bring together the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, our personal experience and the results we have seen working with women who have have incorporated these tools to thrive.  

We know it works.  

It is simple and profound, and you won’t believe you have gone most of your life without this information.

But really, it isn’t information that makes the difference.  What actually makes the difference is applying these changes and practices in your life.

When supported by a community of women, we can make changes so much quicker, and it’s a lot more fun celebrating our victories together.

In our 8-week program, Reclaim Your Health ~ Reclaim Your Self, we coach you, with a group of dynamic, gorgeous women on a powerful journey of reclaiming your energy, digestion and sleep.   

When we feel amazing, the impact ripples out into every area of our lives.

There is nothing more important than that you feel good!

Who This Program Is For:
This program is for you if you’re…

  • A busy woman with a full life
  • Stretched in many directions
  • Ready to prioritize yourself
  • Done feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Want a life of ease and balance
  • Want radiant energy, refreshing sleep and healthy digestion
I am ready to reclaim my health! Sign me up!

What is at the root of your lack of energy, sleep or digestive issues?

Maybe you don’t know?  Maybe you have been searching for a long time?!

It’s hard to figure out what you need to eat when you are exhausted and overwhelmed! 

This program will give you simple guidelines for getting back to creating your days, rather than being at the whim of your schedule.  

During the 8 week program together, we will uncover what is underneath your challenges and create a clear path to regaining your full vitality and passion.

Through coaching and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda you will uncover the key actions you need to be taking right now to start transforming your health and life.

Here’s what you can expect from our 8 weeks of working together:

  • Renewed Energy, creativity, joy and productivity!
  • Help overcoming fatigue, digestive issues and hormone imbalances
  • Return to passion and excitement with accomplishing your goals
  • Sound, restful sleep.
  • Know what and how to eat for strong digestion.
  • Confidence and Trust in your own inner guidance

You might be thinking this is too good to be true, but we have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and we have seen how dramatic the results can be from a few simple practices.

We are going to make this as easy for you as possible, but it is also going to require you to take the actions.  It will require a commitment on your part - a commitment to yourself!

We want to ask you, are you willing to make a commitment to yourself for 8 weeks?  If so, we are here and ready to support you.  You will be amazed at the results you receive in just

8 weeks.  And you will have the tools and knowledge to continue to increase your energy and health throughout your life.

We talk to a lot of women who can’t imagine finding more time to take care for themselves, in even the simplest ways, like making lunch, finding time to stop and breath or move their bodies.

We know your schedule is already too full.  

This program is not about taking more time, it is simply about aligning ourselves with our purpose and vision for our lives.

When this occurs, we get creative about how we want to design our days.  The things that don’t serve us and suck our energy drop away.

It is about reclaiming your time and restructuring your day in balance with nature.  All of a sudden there is time to take care of yourself in ways you never imagined.  We will walk you through this process.

Here's what you can expect week-by-week during our 8 week program:

  • 1

    Understanding your unique expression and how to use the self-healing principles of Ayurveda to balance your rhythms with nature. Unveiling the 3 Pillars of Health as a foundation for our work together throughout the program. Connecting to your heart’s desire and anchoring this vision with the support of a powerful community of women.

  • 2

    Juicy morning/evening self-care practices. Begin creating a daily routine in alignment with nature’s rhythms that invigorate your body and mind and activate self-love.

  • 3

    Listening to your body and meeting yourself more fully and deeply. Integrating Pranayama (breath practices,) and Meditation to quiet the mind and increase your life force. Being less driven by external environment and strengthening your ability to connect inward to what your body and spirit are guiding you towards.

  • 4

    What, how and when to eat for your unique constitution and change of season to support optimal digestion and weight. What to eat will no longer be a mystery!

  • 5

    Igniting your digestive fire and Passion. Learn how these are connected and how to activate both. You will learn daily and seasonal cleansing practices to clear toxins and reset your digestion. Learn to use spices and herbs as medicine to heal common digestive complaints.

  • 6

    Emotional Cleansing practices to clear the emotional interference blocking your body’s intrinsic ability to heal. Free up your energy through letting go of old emotional trauma and stuck thoughts including; judgement, worry, grief, anger, etc. You will be on a rampage to get things complete and release anything blocking your life force!

  • 7

    Sleep Routines and Rituals to support your vitality and build reserves for deep restoration of the mind and body. Learn how to counter the effects of stress and maintain your vital essence, which supports longevity, anti-aging, libido, beauty or glow and a sense of contentment.

  • 8

    Reclaiming your Feminine Creative Energy (Shakti-Prana.) Shakti is your feminine strength that comes from being more connected, intuitive, grounded, nourished and supported. Create a clear pathway of continually “‘Returning to Yourself,” the ultimate definition of healing in Ayurveda. This call will be a celebration of our radiant lives!

I’m done feeling overwhelmed and ready to prioritize my self-care!

Here’s exactly what you are going to get:

  • 8 live action-oriented teleclasses - time for live Q & A and to receive personal support and coaching. Calls are on Mondays from 1pm – 2pm PDT: April 23 – June 11, 2018. All calls will be recorded, so you never have to worry about missing a call.
  • Private Member Facebook Page to connect, share and ask questions
  • Recipes for Healthy Food, Herbal Remedies and Natural Body Care Products
  • Support with creating meal plans that actually work and make life easier
  • Videos for Self-Massage, Yoga Practice, Pranayama (Breath Practice) and Preparing Herbal Remedies
  • Audio recordings for daily meditations and affirmations
  • Support from a community of amazing women on the path to health and vitality
  • Buddies to provide support between calls

** This course will be online.  No physical products will be shipped.

Testimonials From Happy Clients:

"I am reminded of the idea of being gentle, kind and nurturing with myself." 

"Since participating in this program, I am reminded of the idea of being gentle, kind and nurturing with myself; because of the way Kael and Sarah talk.  I have never felt this before.  I’ve begun to talk to myself and treat myself like a precious being, as I would my child or my sister.  I have brought in to my day-to-day life the awareness of how important and OKAY it is to be kind to myself. This is a lifelong habit I intend to cultivate."

Dawn, Health and Business Coach


"I’m enjoying my body for the first time in I don’t know how long." 

"I love you both.  Thank you for your inspiration, courage and partnership that had you be so bold to create and share this work.  Your gentleness and spaciousness acted like an invitation to be gentle, loving, spacious and forgiving with myself.  I’m enjoying my body for the first time in I don’t know how long.  I’ve been wanting my body to be different my entire life.  I’m tickled.  I feel comfortable exactly how I am, right now.  This is a result that’s possible from all of us being together.  I AM passing it on!"

Diana, Educator, Entrepreneur, Producer

"Yesterday was my 5th night without taking any ambien before bed.  I'm free!!!”

"After 3 years of taking Ambien for sleep at night, yesterday was my 5th day successfully sleeping through the night without taking any ambien before bed. I had started weaning myself off of it during the digestive reset and it only took 5 days to come off it. I'm using essential oils, the sleep easy oil, meditation and relaxation exercises to reduce my stress before bed.  I've been wanting to do this for a while and with this program and everyone's support, I'm free!!! "

Laura, Business Owner


“I feel like you have opened wide a big new door in my life.”

"You have created an amazing, thoughtful, well organized and highly instructive program. I have come away with a framework for incorporating Ayurvedic practices into my life in a way that works for me. Even in this short period of time, I have witnessed the effects of these practices on my physical, mental and spiritual health and well being.I appreciate that Kael and Sarah have so generously shared their knowledge with our group of women - ladies you are wonderful teachers! So supportive and non-judgemental. I appreciated the women who so bravely shared their stories, struggles and triumphs.

I feel like you have opened wide a big new door in my life and given me concrete and intuitive tools that will help me improve the quality of my life and, by association, the lives of everyone I interact with!"

Leslie, Retired CFO


Time-limited bonuses:

  • Full price - $495.00
  • Special Price $347.00 when you register before the Program begins on April 23rd at 1pm PDT. It will not be offered at this low price again.
  • Expand Your Community - Invite a Sister! When you and a friend register for the program together, by April 23rd, 1pm PDT, it is only $600.00 ($300 each).
  • Special Bonus - First 8 people to register get a one-on-one 30-minute transformational coaching session with Kael or Sarah.
  • Free raffle for participants in the FREE Webinar to participate in Spring Ayurvedic Home Cleanse with Life In Balance Value $185.00

Expand Your Community ~ Invite a Sister!  When you and a friend register for the program together, it is only $600.00 ($300 each).

Expand Your Community ~ Invite a Sister!  When you and a friend register for the program together, it is only $600.00 ($300 each).

We offer a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied that you are receiving the promises outlined in the program within 30 days, you will receive your money back in full.

Reclaim Your Health Program Rates

We look forward to guiding you in reclaiming your health and reclaiming yourself.  Share this 8-week program with your sisters and invite them to do it with you!

Women Let’s Start This Journey Together! 

With Love,
Sarah Kruse & Kael Balizer